Watermelon Bowl

a fun recipe for any summer party!

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This watermelon bowl recipe is fun to make, and makes a great conversation piece.

Any combination of fruit can be served with this fruit bowl, but suffice it to say, a nice watermelon is a must.

Keep in mind that it takes a skilled and steady hand for carving this watermelon fruit bowl, but don't get overwhelmed, because your efforts will pay off when you receive compliments from your party guests.

Some ideas you may want to consider: create a baby carriage for a baby shower, just by adding toy wheels to the bottom of the watermelon, or even carve out an Easter basket centerpiece complete with a handle.

Whatever the occasion, let your creativity shine with this fun and simple appetizer recipe.

Watermelon Fruit Bowl Recipe

Prep/Total 20 min.


1 whole seedless watermelon

8-10 cups seasonal fruits such as:

Strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, sliced kiwis, blueberries, red and/or green grapes, sliced mangos, pineapple, etc....


Cut a small piece off one side of watermelon. Remove just enough to allow watermelon to sit flat, lengthwise, be careful not to break through rind. Score a line lightly around the top third of the watermelon (the line may be straight or serrated, if desired).

Carefully cut through the line, scoop out flesh from base to use in bowl. Take care to leave rind intact.

Fill bowl with prepared fruit and serve.

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